BROWN Matthew

Doctorant en biomécanique et physiologie neuromusculaire

Depuis 2018

Vers "Qui sommes-nous ?"

Optimization of the neuromuscular and mechanical properties of high level footballers: interest of a specific training carried out with additional load


Directeurs : Martin Buchheit, Gael Guilhem, Mathieu Lacome

Financement : CIFRE


This thesis aims to assess the acute neuromuscular performance benefits and fatiguing effects, in addition to the chronic neuromuscular performance effects of using wearable resistance garments during soccer specific training. The specific wearable resistance garment is an exoskeleton. It is a relatively new technology that has mainly been used in athletics and sprint training. However, very little research has currently been performed within soccer thus the aim of this thesis is to investigate the potential effects of using this exoskeleton within an elite youth soccer player population.