Chercheur en sociologie de la performance sportive



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"Who are we ?"


  • Sociology, psychosociology

Research Topics

  • Socio-cultural factors & sports performance
  • Optimisation factors and performance strategies
  • Life balance & sports performance

Scientific Support (ASP)

  • Interventions : sociological surveys
  • Measurements : questionnaires, interviews, observations
  • Federations : French Athletics Federation, French Handisport Federation, French Paralympic and Sports Committee, French Shooting Federation, French Rugby Federation

Current Students


  • Beldame, Y., Joncheray, H., Duquesne, V., Richard, R. (2023). “They Don't Really Care about my Results, they Prefer Selling my Life Story.” Inspirational Paralympians and Sponsorship. Communication & Sport.
  • Joncheray, H., Chavinier-Réla, S., Burlot, F., Dalgalarrondo, S., Fukazawa-Couckuyt, S. (2022). Experiences of normalization of pain and injury in elite adolescent basketball. Sociology of Sport Journal. 40(1), 69-77.
  • Duquesne, V., Richard, R., Andrieu, B., Joncheray, H. (2022). Sports Experiences of Elite Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities and / or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Sport in Society, 26(5), 854-868.
  • Richard, R., Burlot, F., Duquesne, V., Joncheray, H. (2021). “I had a dream: it was to play the Games”. Sports socialization processes of French Paralympic athletes. European Journal for Sport and Society. 19(2), 99-116.
  • Burlot, F., Desenfant, M., Joncheray, H. (2021). The Educational Project in the Context of High Sports Performance. Sociology of Sport Journal. 53(2), 234-249.
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