Chercheur en sociologie de la performance sportive



Responsable de thème Equilibre de Vie

"Who are we ?"


  • Sociology, psychosociology

Research Topics

  • Socio-cultural factors & sports performance
  • Optimisation factors and performance strategies
  • Life balance & sports performance

Scientific Support (ASP)

  • Interventions : sociological surveys
  • Measurements : questionnaires, interviews, observations
  • Federations : French Athletics Federation, French Handisport Federation, French Paralympic and Sports Committee, French Shooting Federation, French Rugby Federation

Current Students


  • Joncheray H, Burlot F, Julla-Marcy M. Is the game lost in advance? Being a high-performance coach and preserving family life. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching. 2019;14(4):453-462. Vers l'article
  • Sudre D, Joncheray H, Lech A. “Let Go of Your Ball, This Is Not the NBA!”: The Influence of Hip-Hop Ball on Institutional Basketball Around Paris (France): Cultural Antagonisms and Difficult Cohabitation. Journal of Sport and Social Issues. 2019;43(3):147-166. Vers l'article
  • Burlot F, Richard R, Joncheray H. The life of high-level athletes: The challenge of high performance against the time constraint. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. 2018;53(2):234-249. Vers l'article
  • Richard R, Joncheray H, Dugas E. Disabled sportswomen and gender construction in powerchair football. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. 2017;52(1):61-81. Vers l'article
  • Joncheray H, Level M, Richard R. Identity socialization and construction within the French national rugby union women’s team. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. 2016;51(2):162-177. Vers l'article
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